Thursday, July 19, 2012

{style} the high low skirt

guys, please excuse the super messy room in the background.  i don't know what i was thinking.
a few weeks ago i went to the farmer's market one more with my mama.  i had just ordered this skirt and i couldn't wait to wear it.  and let me say this: i LOVE it.  

i want to try the skirt with a black shirt, as i think it would look more put together.  but for now this pale yellow shirt worked wonders.  it was the perfect outfit for a casual outing to the market.  

shirt:  LF stores
skirt: ella moss
necklace: free people
watch: michael kors (gift)
shoes (not pictured): simple rainbow flip flops


okay, i need a HUGE favor from all of you.  i need some heavy duty prayers my way.  last week i got a root canal, which apparently didn't work.  I'm still in severe pain and it was originally thought to be an infection, so i have been on some intense antibiotics for the past week.  anyway, now they're thinking i may need surgery as early as tomorrow afternoon to remove the tooth, surrounding bone, and the gum/nerve.  obviously a tooth extraction is a huge deal, but it still requires anesthesia and to top it all off it's my birthday weekend (my birthdays on tuesday).  it's really not something i want to deal with.  so if everyone can pray that i don't need the surgery and can instead just get the tooth fixed in another way (which is still a possibility; i'm meeting with the specialist tomorrow to determine the true cause) i would really appreciate it!

have a wonderful thursday night!! xo 


  1. 1. This skirt is so damn cute on you! I've been eyeing them, but my lack of calves/kankles would not agree with that hem line.

    2. Sending all the good vibes I can your way!

  2. the low high skirt is definitely my favorite! i love how you styled it girl! it's all about mix matching and color pops. and i just love how stripes can go with everything!
    xo TJ

  3. Great combo! I love the skirt with the yellow shirt.

  4. omg jackie, im so sorry to hear about your dental work that needs to be done. ive never had a roon canal done or anything like that and it seems kinda freightening. you are in my thoughts!

    on another note, i love the skirt & think you paired it VERY well with the pale yellow top :)


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