Wednesday, July 18, 2012

{recipe} peach lemonade

a few weeks ago i made these strawberry shortcake scones {recipe to come next week!} and peach lemonade.  it was one of those unbearably hot sunday afternoons where i just couldn't sit by the pool anymore, and nothing sounded better then some fresh squeezed lemonade.  

the recipe can be found here, but i would highly suggest adding more peaches then just the four it called for.  don't get me wrong, this lemonade was amazing, but the lemons overpowered the peaches a little.  next time i'll probably use less lemons and more peaches.  

instead of store bought lemonade, i made homemade lemonade using this recipe.

i also had to make the lemonade using entirely bottled poland springs water.  we had a major water crisis when a pipe exploded and the entire county was told the water was contaminated.  obviously i decide to make lemonade when that happens.  obviously.  

what's your favorite drink for cooling off on a hot summer day?

p.s i'm currently in the process of redoing the "recipe" section on the right of this blog.  i'm going to be making it a whole lot easier to find recipes on here, and it's all part of the process of updating this blog! it's taking me some time, but be on the lookout for that hopefully in the next few weeks! xo


  1. Yum!
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  2. Nothing beats a hot day than peach lemonade.


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