Monday, July 16, 2012

brooklyn flea market

my weekend was nice and relaxing.  i had a sister/sister dinner date to the melting pot, went on a run, saw ted, and relaxed at home.   the most exciting part of the weekend was my sunday adventure.
on sunday my mom, sister, and my friend stephanie woke up early and drove an hour to the brooklyn flea market in willamsburg.  it has been something we wanted to go to since last summer and i'm so happy we got a chance to go.  i had so much fun walking through the different shops and eating some seriously amazing food.  

when we got to brooklyn, our first stop was for some much needed coffee.  we went to sweetleaf coffee on kent street. i had the iced rocket fuel which is iced coffee with milk, maple, and chicory.  it was something new and i have to say it was pretty good.

this was by far my favorite vintage stand at the market.  the owner of the shop was super helpful and they had some really unique pieces.  i'm so mad at myself because i had her card and then lost it throughout the day.  seriously i spent an hour trying to find her shop online and i just couldn't do it.  so i am seriously sorry because this store was great.

stephanie and i enjoyed our people's pops!  i've loved their popsicles since i tried them two years ago.   i got the peach basil one.

lunch time.  there were so many different vendors that it was really hard to chose.  but a grilled cheese sounded good so i went over to the milk truck.  i got the classic with caramelized onions and spicy pickles and can i just say this.... it was incredible.  onions and pickles are going to be my new grilled cheese favorite.  

my sister and i out near the water.

our last stop was to dough, the donut stand.  these were seriously come of the best donuts i've ever had. they were doughy and flavorful.  i got the coconut one, but my mom and sister got the cafe au lait and chocolate ones so I also had those.

not pictured: blueberry soda from brooklyn soda works and lavender honey bubble tea from thirstea cafe.  

vintage '60s necklace: that unknown vintage shop 
set of three rings: natural abstract
elephant dish: skt ceramics 
moon earrings: a thousand picnics 
peacock tank:  loyalty and blood 
ocean photograph:  she hit pause studios

not pictured:  the BEST garlic pickles by mcclure's pickles and charcoal soaps from apotheke soaps.  

most of the shops linked above have online stores, so if you see something you'd like as well go ahead and take a look!  i'm a huge believe in supporting independent businesses as much as possible.  xo

how was your weekend?


  1. I have yet to go to any farmer's markets or outdoor markets this year. I don't know what's wrong with me, haha. I hoped that you were able to stay cool! It's 103 here today; I certainly would not want to be one of the vendors that has to remain outside. And that peach basil popsicle sounds amazing! So delicious. I really enjoy popsicles (and that affection for them probably started with my childhood addiction to Bomb Pops...).

  2. Cute photos! Sounds like a fun outing! Loving your Brooklyn tee!


  3. I wish I knew about this when I lived 3500 miles closer!

  4. loving all of these little trinkets. especially those thin rings!
    xo TJ

  5. This looks so fun! And a peach basil popsicle? Yes please!

  6. this weekend sounds amazing! is the melting pot that fondue restaurant?? if so, what did you get?

    the fleamarket sounds like so much fun, from the shops to the clothes to the jewelry and food and drinks! you went into so much detail and it was like i was there almost. well, i wish! ha!

    fly far

  7. this looks like a FANTASTIC weekend!!! especially milk truck. NOM.

  8. I'm going to go to bed having sweet sweet dreams about Dough now.. I will.


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