Sunday, June 10, 2012

life lately according to instagram

this week was surprisingly a relaxing one.  i had monday, thursday, friday, and saturday afternoon off from work which was amazing.  i went to the gym multiple times, ran all my errands on my "to do" list, went for a nice outdoor run, had a father daughter dinner date, and went to the beach for some non-work fun.  my friends from school came on friday and we ate lunch, indulged in fro yo, and tanned on the beach.  it was perfect and a good introduction to my super busy week this week.  i have tomorrow and friday off, but work every other day besides that straight to next wednesday.  it's going to be exhausting, but it is what it is!  i have a few things to look forward to, which include a trip to NYC on Friday and a massage on Saturday afternoon! 

{a six am lifting session and a rainy day off}

{a little starbucks on my lunch break and some time off at my beach job after a storm}

{a father-daughter dinner date and a scenic traffic jam}

{bringing back a favorite childhood snack and noticing my love of summer started at an early age}

{an early morning run and dinner to celebrate my cousin's ninth birthday}

{a big, fresh salad for lunch and a trip to trader joes for some snacks}

{fresh tulips to brighten up my room}  

how was your week/weekend?  

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  1. oh, the sea! these photos are gorgeous. what a pretty life you live :)


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