Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Milan, Italy

Our first two nights were spent in Milan.  I was actually very surprised about how much I loved Milan.  Last year, I didn't like Athens, but Milan was full of magic and absolutely gorgeous.

{All of the streets were so pretty!}

{Colorful shoes}

{On the roof of the Duomo}

{With my little sister}

{The architecture was beautiful}

{and so was the view}

{again, on the roof}

{dinner with my sister}

{One more roof picture}

{All the little caffe's were so pretty}

{Outside the Duomo is just as pretty!}

{In front of the Opera House.  It's supposed to be gorgeous inside but it was closed when we were there.}

{There were a lot of tours, but we just decided to explore on our own}

{My first taste at Italian gelato.  The Hazelnut was amazing.}

{Homemade Pasta Fagioli soup.  Words can not describe how amazing this was.  My mouth is watering right now.  We found the caffe at this gourmet food store called Peck.}

 {Like I said, the streets were gorgeous}

{My sister and I in front of the Duomo}

 {When I was in Paris, France last year, I went to the famous Laduree Macaroon shop.  So when I saw one in Milan I freaked out and dragged my Mom and sister in.  The verdict?  They LOVED them.  We ended up going to the one in Lausanne, Switzerland too.}

 {Another shoe shot, this time with my tom's}

{We went to she the Last Supper painting.  It was simply breathtaking to see it in person, but we weren't allowed to take photos.  The history of it was incredible.  Like how it took four years to complete.  And how someone {stupidly} cut off Jesus' feet to make a door.  Who does that?}

 {The painting was next to this gorgeous church.}

{We saw all sorts of interesting things on our way to the Last Supper.  Like this Ray Ban building.}

 {This is a picture of our last night in Milan}

 {While in Italy, we learned about this dessert, called Millefoglie.  It's incredible and I ordered it every place we went.}

{The morning we left Milan for Lake Como}

Milan was an unforgettable city and I would love to one day go back, if only to have more of that pasta fagioli soup!

Have a great day xo

P.S I just so happened to get the day off from work today too because of more bad weather.  So I went to see Crazy, Stupid, Love with my best friend.  It was absolutely adorable!  I love any excuse to stare at Ryan Gosling for two hours, and I think Emma Stone is an adorable actress!

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  1. Love your pictures and all of your really cute outfits. Can't wait to see the rest of the places you went!


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