Sunday, July 10, 2011

Style Story Sundays- Number 36: Yoga Wear

Happy Sunday!
I've grown to love Sundays even more now that it's one of my two days off from work.  I love being able to sleep late and spend the day doing whatever i wish, whether it be relaxing by the pool or curled up inside with a good book {working on the beach makes everyday a sun day.  sometimes i like staying out of the sun on my off day!}

The only thing I have every Sunday is my special needs yoga class, so more often then not I spend the entire day in yoga clothes.  So for this Style Story Sunday I decided to show you what I like wearing to yoga classes.  The funny part is, I wear this even on days I don't teach/ go to yoga.

This is what I wore:

 Top: Hard Tail
Tank: Lululemon
Sports Bra: Nike
Pants: Lululemon
Shoes: Rainbows
Toe Rings: Quicksilver Jewelry 
Necklace: Quicksilver Jewelry
Ring: Vintage

This is one of, if not my favorite, yoga outfit.  The top I purchased at the 2011 Yoga Journal Conference that I went to in May.  I love how it can be worn on it's own with a sports bra or with a tank under- which is more kid friendly for the type of class I teach.  The tank and pants are from Lululemon.  I love the tank because it fits nicely and doesn't ride up in the various asanas.  The pants aren't too heavy, making it nice for a summer day.  The sports bra actually isn't just your typical sports bra.  I bought it when I went to Paris last year!  So it has some special meaning to it.  Rainbows might be my all-time favorite sandal.  They are the most comfortable sandals ever and I should probably get a second pair because I wear these so frequently.  Toe rings are my new jewelry obsession.  They remind me of summer so much and I wear them everywhere!  When I go in the ocean I put them on my fingers to keep them from falling off.  The necklace and ring I've showcased here before- I love them!

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