Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Younger Years

Awhile ago, I posted some old photos of me from when I was a little girl. {I included some of those photos in my Dad's birthday post here}
I was looking through some more photographs the other day and found other great pictures from when I was younger.
Maybe it's the fact that I'm moving out in August for the first time, but I'm really sentimental lately about this photographs.  I actually started crying when I was looking through these, because I'm really close to my family.  It's going to be hard come August {the 25th to be exact}, but I know that having these pictures close by will hopefully make it a little easier.  

1.  My Dad and I in Martha's Vineyard.  That used to be our vacation spot up until I was 5.  The picture's not in great quality, but it's still one of my favorites.
2.  My Dad used to bring me apple picking in the Fall.  I still eat an apple every single day! 
3.  I love this picture of me as a baby.  It's funny because elephants are one of my favorite animals!
4.  I just love the outfit I'm wearing here.  My mom was a fashion designer when she was younger, and even designed and stitched her wedding dress all on her own!  She used to make all of my baby clothes and halloween costumes.  She laughs at this outfit because it's so poufy, but I love it.  I owe any creativity I have to her; she's incredible!
5.  My pre school would have "Father-Daughter" field day where we would play soccer, hula hoop, bob for apples, etc.  Such good memories from those days.
6.  My little sister and I.  How cute are we with our bangs?
7.  I love this photo of my mom.  Isn't she gorgeous?  Look how hip she is with her ray bans.  You wouldn't even guess that she was a first time mom holding her month old daughter! {me}
8.  One of the many long walks on the beach that my mama took me on.  I told you I love the beach!

I love each and everyone of these photos.  It's funny how some of the things our parents expose us to as children end up becoming major parts of our teenage and adult lives {apples, elephants, the beach, etc.}

Happy Wednesday! xo

P.S Thanks for all of the sweet help on last night's post.  I haven't worked up the courage yet, but I will this weekend.  I'll keep you all updated! xo

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