Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Profile Pictures Through the Years

I was looking through old Facebook photos the other day and I realized just how many good memories my four years in high school have brought.  From trips to Washington DC and late night sleepovers with friends to a trip to Paris and sports banquet dinners, I have some great photos to remind me of the good times.  I thought I'd share some of my favorite profile pictures from the last four years!

1.  8th grade.  What I'm thinking now is why I would ever wear a dress with jeans.  
2.  New York in 2009 with my friend Carly
3.  With my friend Julie
4.  Washington DC--- I kept this as my profile picture for a good 6 months only because my hair looked good
5.  I love this picture.  If only for my face
6.  With my friends Nikki and Annie.  This reminds me of laughter
7.  This might be my all time favorite picture.  
8.  I love my hair in this one too!
9.  New Years Eve freshman year--- we made sushi!
10.  Sports Banquet!

Oh the memories!


Okay sweet readers, listen up!  I need your help.
This might sound strange.
My Senior prom is May 20th
And while I think it's far away, apparently not everyone thinks so, and apparently I'm the last one to jump on the "get a date wagon".  
There's a guy I've been talking to lately who I swim with.  We're good friends {he's actually swimming at my rival school next year!}, so I was thinking I'd ask him.
The thing is, how does one ask someone to prom?
We're never alone since we only see each other at swimming, and this is making me too nervous to ask him in front of our friends.
Apparently I now have "ask a date and be rejected" anxiety.  Add it to the list of things to deal with!
So that's where I need your help.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Over and out.


  1. Wow, your school starts early! You could call him? Hmmm. Or pull him aside and see if you can ask him privately. Good luck!!!

  2. when i got asked to prom two years ago, the guy that asked me made me a huge candy card! it's like a big card but you fill in candy for different words. like hot tamales, sugar daddy, sweet tarts, etc. He also decorated my car and my room!
    Just a thought. : )

  3. When I was in high school everyone did everything kind of elaborately when it came time to ask ppl to prom. I can understand why this would totally stress you out & I feel a little jittery for you just thinking about it! Do you have his number? Maybe you could text him and see if y'all could hang out & ask him then? I would just be downright honest about it to break the tension... just say, "Look, this is awkward and I feel like a dork, so I'm just going to put it out there!" & just ask.

  4. Be confident! It looks great on a woman :)



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