Monday, March 21, 2011


Happy Spring!
It's officially not winter anymore and I can't tell you how happy I am.
I am my happiest when it's warm and sunny, and while it's still a little chilly here, the first day of Spring means that warmth and sunniness is just around the corner. {i hope.}

There are so many things I love about spring.

the sun shining later.
flowers blooming on trees.
fresh fruit smoothies.
walking barefoot because it's warm enough to.
spring break in florida.
going down to the beach and just putting my feet in the water because it's still too chilly to go all the way in.
driving with the windows down and sunroof open.
late night spent on the weekends walking through town.
outdoor yoga.
beginning to run again.
{because I refuse to run on a treadmill}
wearing flowy skirts without tights.
birds chirping.
playing outside with my dog.
bike riding.
just being outside.
iced coffees.
spending saturdays with the windows open.
ice cream trips.
my mantra for the season.

spring cleaning.
rainy saturdays.

just, spring.
because what's not to love?

what's your favorite part of spring?


  1. Oh, how I adore spring! I'm so incredibly excited that it's finally here! I love the flowers blooming, days spent at the lake, feeling the grass beneath my feet, driving with the windows down and radio up, and etc.

    Love, Love it!

  2. hehe I love dipping my foot in the water too, just the foot cuz I don't like to be cold and wet! I can't wait for the weather here to get warmer like what spring should be!

  3. I really love your mantra and I'm going to take it to heart as I finish up my school stuff. Good luck with your work, too! And congrats on that upcoming graduation. Your summer plans sound amazing!

  4. I love the third picture and Yes!! I know Spring is here but sadly in Toronto it's still snowing (which such)!!
    My favourite part is Spring is to lying down on the green fresh grass and watch the clouds, while the sun warm me up (and i also love wearing dresses and skirts) =)

    Neat post

    My Lyfe ; My Story


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