Sunday, March 20, 2011

Style Story Sundays- Number 24; Going Green

Happy Sunday Lovelies! 
How is everyone's weekend so far?  Mine was lovely.
I considered Friday the start of my weekend since I didn't have any classes- just a nice trip to a local community college for an Art festival.   It was 79 degrees on Friday {!!!!!}, so it was amazing to be able to spend it outdoors walking around in short sleeves.  After the art trip we went for italian ice since it was so hot {again !!!!!}, and the little italian ice place at Cantaloupe Italian Ice.  If you're a long time reader of Purple Monkey, you know Cantaloupe is my favorite fruit.  After practice on Friday night I took my little sister out for ice cream.  Our favorite ice cream place is only open in the Spring and Summer, so Friday was it's opening night.  It was jam packed with everyone soaking in the warm weather, but the ice cream is homemade and amazing, so it was worth the wait.
On Saturday I woke up early to go volunteer!  As I explained in January, I volunteer with a group called Cinderella's Closet which allows teens in my area that are struggling with money to come and pick out free dresses, shoes, accessories, and makeup for their proms.  It's an amazing cause.  In January I talked about the fashion show, and yesterday was the prom boutique, where the girls come to pick out their dresses.  I got to be a personal shopper, so I met with the girls and went through to help them find the perfect dress.  It was so much fun! One of the mom's even started crying because her daughter looked gorgeous.   I brought my friend Sarah along and after we went out for grilled cheeses because we were starving.  Last night I went to hot yoga, which was incredible but left me with very sore arms this morning!  
Today I'm going to finish up the writing part of my huge thesis paper (so far I'm at 81 pages....) and then teach my yoga class in about an hour and a half.  Then I'm getting my hair cut (finally) and nails done before coming back home for Sunday night dinner!

Anyway.... here is this week's Style Story Sunday!

Top: Free People
Jeans:  Lucky Brand
Shoes:  Minnetoka for JCrew
Necklace:  Anthropologie (on sale!)
Silver ring with clear stone:  Vintage
Thin silver ring: my Mom's
Black ring:  Quicksilver Jewelry 

 I wore this outfit two weeks ago to school and I really love it.  The top is from Free People and I love how it's casual but better then a plain t-shirt.  I love the crochet work at the top, although my shoulders were a little cold.  I don't normally wear a lot of green, so this was a major step up in my wardrobe.  The rest of the items in this outfit I think I've featured a thousand times this winter, except for the rings.  The silver ring with the clear stone is vintage, and I think it's from my Grandma.  My mom went through a bunch of old jewelry and I found this and love it!  The thin silver ring was my mom's when she was little.  It's super tiny and only fits on my pinky finger, but I love it there and I've worn it everyday since I found it.  The black ring I purchased two weeks ago from the Quicksilver Jewelry store.  I have a lot of rings from there.  I don't have any black rings, and I love how something as simple as that can make a huge statement!

Have a lovely sunday everyone! xo

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  1. the weather was SO nice here last week too, and it even got up to 85 on friday! today was chilly and rainy, but i know the sun will be back soon!

    that sounds like an amazing group to work with, and i imagine you probably leave feeling so good about what you helped with!

    also, i LOVE your shoes!


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