Thursday, March 24, 2011

Change of Seasons

I know, I know I've been the worst blogger this week.
Life has been hectic.  
It was one of those week's where I swore I'd blog at night, and then by the time I finally finished my work I was absolutely exhausted.
My big paper {the one I've been researching and writing since November} is due tomorrow and I finally finished it today.  I'll write more about it within the next week, but it is 112 pages long and I am very proud:)

It's also the end of the 3rd marking period tomorrow, which means I am officially only 5 school weeks {7 actual weeks, including Spring Break} away from my last day of school.  It's crazy!

Remember how I wrote that nice post on Monday about it finally being spring?
Well, I was going to write all about how happy I was that it was 79 degrees last Friday and how the flowers are blooming and oh, how isn't it pretty.....

and then I woke up yesterday AND today to this....

 crazy how things like the scenery in your backyard can change in only one week, right?
mother nature, maybe you were having a bad two days.  maybe it was your time of the month.  i don't know.  but let's PLEASE not make this a habit, okay?

p.s Kelly Ann is have the most amazing giveaway for a cocktail ring!  I seriously need this in my life....:)


  1. I totally feel you on the weather change! We went from 80 degrees, to the upper 20's! Yuck! I'm so ready for warm weather to be here and officially STAY!

    Have a great day!

  2. Oh, I know!! I nearly cried when I saw all the snow! Bring me spring!!

    & thanks for the feedback on the new blog! I was so nervous about the change!


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