Sunday, January 16, 2011

Full Moon {and a giveaway winner!}

This week, on Wednesday, will be the first full moon of 2011.
I've always been so interested in the way a full moon makes us feel.
Since full moon's tend to mean fertility and romance, they have a lot to do with our emotional state.
I always find myself super emotional the week before a full moon hits.
This full moon is a Capricorn Sun opposite the Cancer moon, which means that the focus of the moon will be on balance.
I find this so intriguing because it encourages us to balance our commitment of family, relationships, work, school, and personal time.  The whole concept of balance is what makes someone truly able to accept happiness.

The media does this crazy job of portraying the full moon as a time when the witches come out and disaster strikes {let's be honest, every creepy halloween movie involves a full moon}, and while most may not agree with that, I do believe a full moon completely affects our moods and habits.

Just something to think about and work on throughout this week.  I know with the midterms I have coming up, it is all about balancing my own happiness and my need to do well on these exams.
 Plus, isn't a full moon just the most gorgeous thing to look at on a clear night?

Now, on to the giveaway winner!

Congrats too.... Number 4!

send me an email at 
purplemonkey732 {@} aol {dot} com
and i'll put you in touch with the seller!

Thanks for entering everyone!  If you didn't win, don't worry, I have three awesome giveaways scheduled for the next few weeks!  xo

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