Thursday, December 9, 2010

An Oasis

When one of the blogs I read, The English Muse, posted this New York Times link, I checked it out.
And fell in love.

This is the oasis of a woman who wanted to make her house a home.
Unfortunately, her husband wasn't up for all the lace and frills in their tiny trailer.
So when she found this old hunters cabin in the woods near her trailer, she dedicated time and money to make it into a retreat.
And it turned out gorgeous.
When I first pictured a hunter's cabin, I thought of a broken down barn with leaves and mold.
Not this.
She turned it into a place that is fit for anyone who loves romance.

While it has no heat or plumbing, making it impossible to live in, I think it's perfect to go to on a warm summer's day to drink ice tea and read a book.  


  1. oohhh, i've seen this before, it's AMAZING! her sleeping area is seriously fairytale-like.


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