Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December Music Playlist #1

Last year, I did two December playlists- one full of regular music and one full of holiday music.
And I'm doing the same this year!
This post is full of some of my favorite tunes of the month!
During the week of Christmas, I'll post the holiday playlist!

December Music Playlist

How Soon Is Now?        The Smiths
White Daisy Passing        Rocky Votolato
Fidelity            Regina Spektor
Don't Look Back in Anger           Oasis
Hard to Get By       Matt Wade
Come Back When You Can      Barcelona  
Emma Hartley      Dylan LeBlanc 

Enjoy!  This playlist is on repeat for me :)


  1. but what about Christmas music?! :)
    i just saw your comment. that's so fun you want to live abroad. i highly recommend it! it's the best. looking forward to browsing through your blog! xoxo

  2. i just love Christmas music! i'm so glad Christmas is here!!!

    great work on your blog! it's lovely!!

    hearts, L.C

  3. Great December list. I love The Smiths!


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