Wednesday, December 29, 2010

24 in 12 Review

I know the first post after Christmas is suppose to be a big recap, but that will come on Thursday once I'm back home and have the pictures downloaded!

Since the year is rapidly coming to a close (we only have 3 days left!) I thought I'd take this time to review the 24 things I said I'd do in 12 months.  This was posted in the beginning of January.

1)  start an etsy shop
never happened.  maybe this year?  i don't know.  i know it's super time consuming and the rational approach is that i just don't have enough time right now to commit 100%.

2) go to two amazing concerts
i did!  i went to jack johnson and john mayer over the summer.  they were both outside in the open air and involved corn and lemonade.  they were lovely!

3)  fill up 2 art journals.
i didn't.... but i did start my travel journal with photos and information on all the places I want to go to!

4)  learn to knit.
ehhh.... no.

5)  take more pictures
I did!  I got a new camera, and worked more on my photo wall (pictures soon)

6)  travel
yes!  i went to Florida, Pennsylvania, Boston, France, Greece, and Turkey!  That's the most I've ever traveled!

7)  bake 100 new things
I don't think I've baked 100 new things.  But I have baked a lot of great recipes

8)  paint more.
Sadly, painting took a backseat.  However, I did join AP art and now am working my way up to 12 completed graphite drawings

9)  focus more on my yoga practice.
i'm working on this by trying to fit in one yoga class a week.  I've also started my disabled yoga class... which i think helps with the mental and philanthropic side of being a yogi

10)  make my swimming comeback
yes and yes.  who new, this time last year, that i would sign on to swim division one in college for 2011?

11)  redecorate my room
my florida room turned out gorgeous!  as for my new jersey room, i don't think i'm going to redecorate that.  it just doesn't make sense right now since i'm only going to be here until for 7 more months.

12)  volunteer more
i started my yoga class (see number 9), and joined national honor society.  i helped raise money for several organizations.

13) make someone smile everyday
i like to think i do!

14) sew a wearable garment
that would be a no.  i wasn't crafty at all this year.

15) host my first giveaway
i did! i hosted many actually and i can't wait to host more in 2011!
{if you'd like to sponsor one, shoot me an email!}

16) do something i'm scared to do at least once a week
i do think i've become more brave.  and i do a lot of things i would normally do.  i now try to live in the moment.

17) develop a better sleep pattern
well it's almost 12:30 am and i'm up blogging, so it's not great

18) run another half marathon and do a distance triathlon
i ran another half in May.
I never got to do the distance.  between my surgery last year and the pneumonia/ wisdom teeth surgery this year, i didn't have time to train

19)  get rid of the negative things in my life
i'm working on it.  while it's not possible to 100% get rid of it right now, i can say i'm learning to deal with it better

20)  discover some new indie bands
yes!  and i bought myself that record player i've always wanted

21)  take more pictures with my diana f+
this will be for 2011

22) become a certified lifeguard
yes! and i got a job!

23)  organize organize organize
i'm trying!

24) Buy more handmade/vintage
I did!  a lot, actually :)

i think i did a pretty good job!  
the rest of the week will include my holiday/florida recap, and of course the year in review!
i leave for home tomorrow.  apparently the roads still aren't plowed at home and there's still over 2 feet of snow, so i'm hoping i don't have travel problems.


  1. I love this list! You had some amazing goals on your list, I love them!

    I love the idea of a travel journal! Good luck with next years goals!

  2. Sounds like you did pretty good lady love! Loving the new changes to the blog too, fyi!

  3. Great job on your list! I was just going through my 2010 list yesterday and there's so much i haven't done - more for 2011, I guess :)

    thanks so much for the sweet comment & happy new year!

  4. Love your resolutions! I love traveling too!

    Check out my travel blog:



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