Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh Boy It's August

where has this summer gone?
i must have completely missed the august memo, because i just realized it's here.

while august always means school is coming closer, i love this month.
few reasons why august makes me happy

1)  it's hot during the day, but cool at night.  
2)  i have the whole month off of swimming.  hello finally sleeping in.
3) i now have my car and can drive.
4)  i'm going to greece and turkey in 14 days!

i'm so excited to enjoy this month to the fullest!
life is pretty good right now, i have to say :)

meanwhile- last night i went to the john mayer and train concert
pretty last minute, but i had fun!

train was amazing in person.  

this was my second time seeing john mayer.  
i saw him two years ago.
he never fails to disappoint live.
he has a great voice.
however, i must of missed his last album, because I knew none of the songs.
he played a few classics, like 
waiting on the world to change
heartbreak warfare
who says

but no free fallin', body is a wonderland, or daughters.
i was kinda upset
but overall it was a good night.

we sat on the lawn at the venue.
it was the same place i went to for jack johnson a few weeks ago,
but lawn seats are a lot of fun and so much cheaper then the seat seats we had last time.
we couldn't get any pics of the performers.
and i didn't have my camera so i have to wait until my friend annie posts hers on facebook to show you pictures of us from the night.
but here are my john mayer pictures from last time:

{pics from john mayer concert 2008}

today is a lazy day, filled with some time with the best friend, some school work, and maybe a run later.
have a great day! xoxo

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