Friday, July 16, 2010

I Lead An Exciting Life

tuesday night and all day wednesday might have been the best two days this summer.

the concert was amazing.
the rain held out for us and it was so much fun sitting in the warm air and listening to good music.
jack johnson is just as good live as he is on his CD's.
and he played my favorite, Banana Pancakes.

the city the next day was also fun.
we hit up a few great stores and i became {a little} broke after shopping.
but i was proud because everything i got was on sale!

we ate at this little eatery in SOHO, Spring Street Natural.
it had a ton of vegetarian options, which i loved.
plus, if you know me really well, you know my favorite fruit is cantaloupe.
as in, i can eat an entire cantaloupe in one sitting by myself no problem.
well this place had cantaloupe juice.
i almost cried i was so excited!
it was amazing and was gone within two minutes.

i'll do a style post on this outfit this weekend!

for now, it's off to bed.
i'm a sleepy girl.
i just woke up from an unpredicted nap on my couch.
i know, i lead an exciting life.

p.s i've been really bad at commenting back and commenting on your blogs this week.  {and last}.
i'll change that tomorrow.
and hello to new followers and commenters!  i'll be reading your blogs this weekend!  
i'm so excited to meet you.
thank you to everyone for continuing to read.
even if it sometimes gets a little dull.

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