Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jack Johnson

tonight i'm going to an outdoor concert.

jack johnson concert, to be exact.

ever since I found out his To The Sea concert tour was going to be coming to a venue less then 25 minutes away from me, I have been counting down the days.

in fact, the day before I left for Paris back in April, I called my friend carly and gave her strict instructions:
the day the tickets go on sale, get us all (meaning me, her, and our friend julie) tickets
in the undercover area, of course.
{not that the lawn seats aren't fun, but we didn't want a repeat of last year when carly and i sat in hail, wind, and rain to watch no doubt}

although, even though we are undercover, it's been storming all day and we might end up getting a little soaked.  

oh well, all part of the adventure :)

the night wouldn't be complete without some cupcakes from one of the best bakerys in town

we always get them before we go on some big adventure together, and tonight is no exception.

tomorrow we'll wake up early to take the ferry to nyc, where we'll spend the day shopping and eating.
followed by a viewing of sex and the city two on the beach :)

yay for summer!

in honor of the concert, here's a playlist of some of my favorite jack johnson songs


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  2. I am going to see Jack Johnson on Friday... and I can't wait. =)


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