Friday, November 19, 2010

Style Love

As someone who wears a uniform to school everyday and an athlete who spends a majority of time in a bathing suit or sweats, i cherish times when i can dress up and experiment with fashion.
that is probably one of the reasons i love fashion so much.

i took my sick today to explore some of my favorite fashion blogs, and have pulled some of my favorite outfits

i want her shoes


love how she pulls off the skirt

she looks so put together!

in love with her bright purse and skirt


i can't wait to show you all my christmas wish list so that you can see i really do plan on incorporating some daring pieces into my wardrobe!  


  1. I love fashion blogs, and I adore that second picture down. She is amazing.

  2. ohhhh i love all of these outfits!!!
    and i can't wait to see your christmas list! tons of adorable things for sure!
    your style sundays are always the cutest!!


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