Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Costa Rica

in August, 2007, I went to Costa Rica.
it was my first time out of the country.
and it truly is what has started my love affair with seeing the world.

i was only 14 at the time (which seems like forever ago, even though it's only 3 years), but my love for different cultures blossomed that very August.

we stayed at the Florblanca Resort in Santa Teresa.
The place was breathtaking.  It was small, and housed only open-air villas, which took a little getting use too at first.
showering in the outdoor bathroom and listening to the nightly thunderstorms became something i long for right now.

the staff became friends.  we had our own table every night at dinner. 

one of the most important things i brought away from my trip to costa rica was how generous everyone is.  we became really close with one of our waitresses, who talked about how she walked to work everyday.  she didn't have much, but she felt so blessed to be in a country that was as gorgeous as costa rica.

the little things, people.  this is where i learned to enjoy the little things.

i look so young!
well, i was young.

aside from just lounging and taking pictures, we went surfing, ziplining, and horseback riding on the beach.


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  1. what magical photos!!! any different place of travel is embedded into my memory forever. so i travel everywhere so i can make a masterpiece


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