Monday, November 29, 2010

Quote to Live By

i've been posting about needing to find a senior quote for awhile
{see here}

and at the last minute, i have totally found the perfect one.

photo from Turkey, 2010
this applies to me in so many ways.
i truly believe in the phrase "march to the beat of your own drum"
my life philosophy is to let your own happiness only be dictated by what you want.

the quote "let the beauty of what you love be what you do" means to me that you shouldn't live life with regrets.
i have done plenty of things in my life that probably shouldn't make me role model of the year.
but i try to learn from it.
it all happens for a reason.
sometimes i'm not sure what that reason is, but there is one.
i completely believe that.

live for what you love.
if you love it, do it.
if you loved it once, there was a reason you did it.
life is so short.
there's absolutely no reason to not fight for what you believe in.

this year I really learned to grow up.
i learned not to let the tiny things get me down.
i learned not to focus so much on what people think.
and i think that helped me grow a little stronger.  

p.s thank you for all your sweet comments and tweets about my last post.
it means so much knowing i have all of your support!

and if everyone could send out a little prayer for my uncle.
he was rushed to the hospital yesterday.
it's the 4th time in the past year, and his daughter (my cousin) is only 6, so they need all the prayers they can get right now.

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