Monday, October 18, 2010

Music Monday

oh boy oh boy oh boy
what a weekend.

saturday was spent discovering a new college in pennsylvania.
i won't tell you the name (i don't want to jinx anything) but let's just say it might be the one.
i might be living by a farm next year.
oh boy.

i was suppose to participate in the crop walk yesterday.
i mean, i did design our school's banner and everything.
however, a huge art project that was due today took up all my time, and alas, no crop walk was walked.

last night, however, my friend put on a huge charity concert at a nearby music venue.
the show featured some awesome local bands.
i'll do a big post about it this week once i get some pictures back from my friend.

so for now, dear readers, i'll leave you with some new music.
because i am so tired from baking pumpkin chocolate brownies and writing a paper on radioisotopes in medicine.  
i like the former better, of course.

and tomorrow i promise to update the foodie blog.
i promise.

alex cornish is my new favorite singer.  his song, the shame, has been stuck in my head all week.
and his other music is amazing as well.

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