Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Concert to Fight Domestic Violence

on Sunday night, my good friend Grace hosted a huge concert to help raise awareness about domestic and sexual violence.

over 250 people attended, and $10,000 were raised for 180, Turning Lives Around

I'm so incredibly proud of Grace for putting this all together and I'm so happy I was able to come and see the concert.

it was absolutely amazing!

the lineup of the concert was:

Eric Reitz
Matt Wade
The Tor Miller Band
The Quincy Mumford Band

All of those bands are local bands.
The Tor Miller Band is extra special to us because the entire band goes to our school!
Last year they won a contest that let them play at a huge musical festival called Bamboozle with some awesome bands such as Matt and Kim, Paramore, MGMT, Drake, and Weezer!
They're THAT good.

We love them so much, but the other three bands playing at the benefit concert were great also!

here are some of my favorite pictures from the night:

my favorite picture of the night:

tor miller band:

grace getting a state award for her involvement with the charity

matt wade

the pictures not great, but my old history teacher brought his two young kids to the concert.
they were so cute and having so much fun!

i'll leave you with some videos from youtube of all the bands at the concert!
check them out.... matt wade is on itunes :)

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  1. Hihihi! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I love getting new readers and I hope you enjoy my ridiculous little posts :) This charity concert that you went to sounds amazing! My roommate is a social worker and works with battered women, so she would definitely be interested. I'll pass this along to her! Have a lovely day. xo


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