Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Best Friend!

it's my best friend Nora's 18th birthday today!
you've probably heard about her on the blog a lot...
and that's because she's a huge part of my life.

Nora's the kind of friend you can call to about anything, anytime, anywhere.

she's been there for me through some of my hardest times.
but she's honestly the best best friend ever.

we've been to paris together.
driven to the movies in almost hurricanes
gone on many a shopping trips to jcrew and urban.
gone to the beach
gone for sushi
had our hair and makeup done together before semi formal and prom {and i went with her for her graduation}

we talk every single day.  no questions asked.
{unless one of us is out of the country.  then we facebook all the time}

in fact, our parents always joke that we only talk to each other.
we can spend hours talking on the phone.
and even more time video chatting
{our record is 7 hours when we were both sick at home with colds}

she met me at starbucks when I was crying hysterically over the summer when something major happened to me.

i honestly consider her my second sister.
although, we both joke that our friendship is the longest relationship we've both ever been in.
kind of funny.

our relationship reminds me of a quote from grey's
"derek's the love of my life... but you're my soulmate"
said by meredith to christina

i love her to death and am super sad I couldn't spend her birthday with her.
{she's in college in delaware}

so instead i've been telling her happy birthday all day!

happy birthday nora!
love you! xo


  1. aweh! I am so clad you have such a good friend!
    AND that you're a Grey's Anatomy addict! :)
    I love that show!

  2. it's so great you have such a great friend like her. because i moved around so much being a military brat, i never had the i envy you.

    thanks for commenting on naja & landon's engagement session. I still can't get over how lucky I was to take their photos and the location was amazing! I want to go back! I love to shoot amazing things & love.


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