Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's the Little Things

hey hey!
i'm back from my day trip to massachusetts.
i was visiting a college, so i had my interview and everything there.
i think it went well!  (or i hope so!)

i'm now stuck at home sick with a cold.
so i figured it'd be a good time to do a "It's the Little Things" post to remind me what I have to smile about!

Avalon Organics Grapefruit shampoo makes me happy

MASH drink helps a sore throat

my pretty owl key chain always makes me smile

pumpkin spiced candles make it fell like fall

the pretty sunset on our drive home yesterday

remember when i was deciding on glasses?
i chose the "miles" frame from warby parker!

i highly recommend this site if you're looking for new glasses.
they were only $95, which is significantly less then my other glasses.
that includes the lenses and shipping!
the customer service was outstanding!  i love them!

that's it folks.... happy october!
i can't believe i've already been in school a month.
it's crazy to think next month i'll be applying to colleges and that the holiday season is starting!

i kind of hate halloween (last year's emergency surgery with the doctor's dressed up as witches didn't help) but hopefully it will still be fun!

p.s did you notice the new blog layout? it was time for a change!

p.s.s the foodie blog is having an awesome giveaway!  the first ever!

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  1. love you owl keychain and glasses :)

    Like the layout :)


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