Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Am

waking up early, going to school all day, going to 2 hours of practice, going to SAT prep courses, doing mountains of homework/ studying/ writing college essays at night, and going to bed no earlier then 12.

but i would SO much rather be

In Paris eating yummy macaroons 

{here - the exact tumblr link didn't come up}
exploring a fairy tale castle

{here- again, link didn't come up}
swimming.  here.  there.  and everywhere.

playing dress up in something pretty

oh and 

and the winner of the Shaped By Hand Giveaway is....

congrats!  send me an email at purplemonkey732@aol.com
and i'll put you in touch with the seller!

the foodie blog is having a giveaway!
a cute cupcake necklace!


  1. Aw Thanks! I am so excited I won! :)

  2. Oh AND
    don't wear yourself out too much. I got into some pretty good schools, and I slacked off a little (okay well a lot), but what I am trying to say is, a little relaxation and slacking won't hurt you if you know what to let slide :)


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