Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 Never Forget

we all have some story

9 years ago I was 8 years old.
I was sitting in school when all my teachers were pulled into the hallway.
we were all told to stay in our classrooms.
when the teacher came back, she had been crying.
but no one told us what was going on.
throughout the day kids all around me were pulled out of school and brought home.

i remember it so clearly like it was yesterday.
i was on my way to piano lessons when two ambulance went by.
i was so confused.

i live a 45 minute drive from new york.
all the firefighters and ambulances from my area went to the twin towers that day.

one of my classmates lost his dad.
another one of my friends dads barely escaped.

you hear so many stories of people who decided to take their kids to school that day.
who missed the train.
who decided to take the next flight.
who overslept.
so many miracles.

and so many who weren't so lucky.
it hits way to close to home.
my dad worked a block away from the twin towers until 2000.
it could have been him.

so on the 9th anniversary for September 11th, I pray
for the people who lost there lives
for the families who were affected
for the girls and boys who grow up without mothers or fathers..
for peace.
for something like this to never, ever happen again.
for us to love each other, no matter what religion, race, or background.
i pray.

i will never forget.

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