Friday, September 10, 2010

Food From Greece and Turkey

thanks for all of your help on the glasses post!
i think i figured out which i'll order :)

so onto the food i ate in greece and turkey.
i ate so many fresh veggies and salads it was great.
and some pastries.  
but thats okay.

some of this food isn't from these two countries.
the cruise served amazing food from all different places.

Zucchini Balls from our first night in Greece

The tzatziki was what I looked forward to the most in Greece.  it was incredible.

obviously i did not eat, but looked kind of cool

nutella gelato?  YES.  
{this is what I talked about at the Roman Market in Athens}

Nutella Baklava from Greeze

Blueberry tart on the ship

Lunch in Patmos

again, did not eat.  but wow.

The spice market was amazing.  it was full of tease, spices, oils, and everything imaginable.  They let you sample anything you want.  We picked up some Turkish tea, Turkish apricots, and spices to bring home.

The top two photos are from the legendary brunch at our hotel.  
{We stayed at the Ciragan palace by the way}

As for the Grand Bazaar, I would love to go back, because I don't think I fully enjoyed this experience.  it was every crowded, and I got a little overwhelmed, so it would be nice to go back and just take a deep breath.

I didn't mention anything about the cruise, and since this is the last post I'll do that now.  We were nervous about taking a cruise, since we never had.  But I enjoyed it.  It really is just a floating hotel.  We chose the luxury Seaborn cruise because it's really small.  But the food was five star and the service was incredible.  We spent two full days on the ship, {well I spent 3 because I was sick one day}, and it was perfect because we got to relax from the busy days exploring the islands.  

have a great friday night! xo

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  1. I still remember the greek salad from Greece. I need to go back!


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