Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vacation Time!


i'm off!
tomorrow i'm leaving for my 2 week european adventure!
i'm going to be spending 2 days in athens, 7 days on a cruise seeing all the different islands, and 3 days in Istanbul, Turkey!
it honestly seems like just yesterday I announced i was going to greece for my august vacation.
in fact, it seems like just yesterday i was writing a good bye post as i prepared for my paris trip!

greece has been my dream vacation forever, so i'm beyond excited to go!
i promise a lot of gorgeous pictures upon my return!
i won't be blogging a lot during my trip, minus a few times {maybe} when i can find wi-fi
when i do, i'll most likely be updating twitter, so follow me here!
i'm actually excited to kind of "unplug" with limited texting and internet.
much needed relaxation.  

i'm of course going to miss my dog, Isabelle, but i know she's in good hands with my grandma.
{to all those who are wondering why i'm saying i'm leaving my house on my blog, don't be fooled! company is house sitting while we're gone}

i'll be back on the 31st with tons to share with everyone!
have a great rest of august!


  1. have a great time!! its my dream to go to Greece (i'm part Greek). I'm so jealous! have a blast and eat tons of the yummy food :)

  2. i hope you're having an amazing time! :)


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