Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Home Sweet Home

i'm home!
after an extremely long flight (istanbul to munich, germany and then munich, germany to newark) i am finally back where i belong.

not to say i didn't love my trip- because i did!
greece and turkey were fantastic and i have so many pictures to share with all of you.
but after 2 long weeks away, it's nice to get back home and spend this last week of summer here before school starts again.

this post is just to say i haven't forgotten about the blog!
tonight, once i edit all 700 pictures i took (yes 700)
i'll start posting about my trip.
i promise promise promise there will be one tonight.
i think i'm going to do one for each place i went.
there's just too many pictures to combine it all
so we'll have a post for each of

athens, greece
rhodes, greece
patmos, greece
ephisus, turkey
istanbul, turkey

yes, food gets it's own post.  

okay, i'm off to unpack, wash, organize, run to the pharmacy, edit pictures,
run to starbucks (i need coffee stat) and run to the italian place by my house to pick up dinner.

busy busy.
ready, set, go.

i'll leave you with a little teaser:)

completely unedited.  but then again, does this even need to be edited?

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