Saturday, June 5, 2010

Guess What

i'm officially i senior!

how crazy is that?

this also means

it's officially summer 2010!

yesterday was my last final and marked the start of my last summer in high school.  
this time next year i'll be preparing for graduation!
so weird!
and exciting :)

yesterday my sister graduated from 8th grade.
my grandparents are here for the week from South Dakota.
my grandma just got home from Italy.

busy busy times!

what do I have planned for this summer?

concerts {like jack johnson}
work {i got the job lifeguarding on the beach this summer!}
6 am swim practice {6 days a week}
internship {teaching yoga to autistic and disabled kids}
outings to New York
my birthday {17}
my best friend's graduation 
graduation parties

oh and a little thing called family vacation

to Greece and Turkey in August!

it's going to be a busy summer, but it might just be the best one yet :)

i'm off to my little cousin's ballet recital
and dinner with
my parents, my sister, my grandparents, my grandma, my aunt, my uncle, my cousin, and my two great aunts.


enjoy your night! xoxo


  1. So that seriously sounds like the most amazing summer ever, I've always wanted to go to Greece and Turkey! Plus, thats so amazing that you can just go on day trips to NYC and you live near the beach.

    Have an amazing senior year, it goes by so fast, I still can't believe that I've already graduated!


    you seriously are about to have the best summer ever... WOW!

  3. Greece and Turkey!?!?!?! That will be AMAZING! Congrats about being a senior! I am sure it'll be an amazing summer leading to an amazing senior year!


  4. Congratulations! Your summer sounds AMAZING!

    I love that you teach yoga to disabled children, how wonderful of you! :).


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