Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Birthday Weekend

the last two days have been very special to me

i feel so lucky to have such amazing family and friends who wanted to spend the day with me.
and i got so many lovely gifts which i'll share soon!

on wednesday me and my friends carly (not pictured) and julie went for pizza and ice cream to celebrate the birthday.
then sex and the city 2 was playing on the beach, so we got excited to see that.
however, within 20 minutes of watching the movie, it started to rain and it was cancelled.
the first 20 minutes were amazing though!

friday night was birthday dinner with the family
we went to one of my favorite italian places- right on the beach!  it was amazing 

my cousin Kara, me, my best friend Nora, and my sister Caroline

best sister ever

make a wish:)

yesterday, my actual birthday, i had a swim meet
that didn't stop me from celebrating though

you can't really read it, but my friend wrote 
"it's my birthday" 
on my back.
i think it brought some good luck :)

caroline made me the most amazing cake ever for when i got home.
vanilla cake with chocolate reeses buttercream frosting.
omg amazing.

my dad also cooked me caesar salad and mozzarella sticks.

i had such a great birthday and it's going to continue all week long since i still have to celebrate with some friends!

also, thanks to everyone who sent me emails, comments, and tweets wishing me a happy birthday!
it made my day.
you guys are the best!


i'll be back tonight with style story sunday!

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