Saturday, July 10, 2010

July Music Playlist!

i honestly can't believe it's already july.
i'm still trying to figure out where this summer is going!
2 weeks until I turn 17!

i'm kinda a bit sad that june's over thought, because I was in love with June's playlist.
but July's is just as awesome!

July Music Playlist

King of the Beach      Wavves

Mr Blue      Catherine Feeny 

It's About Time      Barcelona 

Keep Us      Peter Bradley Adams

Beautiful Disaster     Storyline

Into the Ocean      Blue October 

She Loves You     The Gaslight Anthem 

Let's Rock the Beach    Real Estate

*** As you can see, I used some of your suggestions from the giveaway post!  Thanks so much.  I've found some new favorites ;)

as always, catch up on past music playlists here

Coming up this week on the blog.....

-  A big summer post
- some wardrobe pics!
-  another special music post

have a great night :)

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