Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taste The Rainbow

today was a good day!
a happy day!
the kind of day you don't want to end!

my record player came!
thanks to my sweet guy friend and the wonderful kelly ann {head over and wish her a happy birthday!}- who both recommended this one!-,
i am now the proud owner of this pretty baby!

it was on sale too, so I got my bestie one for her graduation present!

pure love!

yesterday i went to the record store and bought my very first record

i can't wait to play it!

since i'm new to the record playing community, is there a good place to buy records online?
{the place by me is kinda lacking in the department- no Vampire Weekend!}

my happiness over the record player led me to be in the mood to bake!

and what better to bake then some colorful cupcakes?
(inspired by the wonderful chelsea!}

i used the cupcake recipe posted on her blog here
and the icing recipe from none other then Magnolia's Bakery {found here}

colorful batter?  YES
{i couldn't decide on one color- so i picked 4!}

all done :)

and the final product.....


so good!  and they instantly put me in an even happier mood!


    they are so beautiful!!
    now i want to dye my cereal a different color this morning. hahah!!
    and congrats on your record player! SO EXCITING! i got mine a couple months ago and its the greatest thing ever!

  2. I love your cupcakes, they are so cheerful! I have been in the market for a record player but something not completely expensive. I hope to find one soon! I think they are way cool :)

  3. AH i've been dieing to get a hold of one of those but i simply don't have the money D: . and she & him is def a good choice :}
    love the cupcakes as well !

    much love <3

  4. YAY! so excited for you - enjoy, sweets. :) she & him albums are even better on vinyl, you'll love it! amazon is a great place to get vinyls online for a good price, you can even get used ones in great shape for really inexpensive! also, you can go to and purchase vinyls from most of their artists, including she & him. (the vinyls are called "LPs" on the website) garage sales are the great place, too! :)


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