Saturday, June 26, 2010


this week has been a good week.

i'm so incredibly grateful for everything in my life

but i'm so happy to have such a wonderful family

my parents surprised me with my 17th birthday present on Thursday, a few weeks early

a subaru forester!
it's dark dark grey with light grey interior!

i am unbelievably excited!
i have to pay for insurance and gas and everything, but i'm so grateful for this amazing birthday present!

dear mom and dad,

i get my license on the 26th of July
okay, scratch that I hopefully get my license on the 26th of July

can not wait!

in other news,
this morning i skipped practice this morning and instead participated in the Asbury Park 1 Mile Ocean Swim.

I was nervous, but it was fun!
I got 31st out of 190 people.
I did get kicked in the face a few times, but I think I held my own!

i'm off to my friends graduation party.
we've been friends since we were 2!
whoa, long time!

i'll be back:)

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  1. I'm in love with that car, I was hoping for one like that for graduation, but it was a no go!


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