Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Absolutely Gorgeous

today was one of the most gorgeous beach days ever!

and i have proof for all of you

this morning i took a 50 minute spin class at the gym with my mama
she's amazing at that
me.... not so much

i promptly went to the beach, where i fell asleep in the sand.
for two hours.

since i had no chance to reapply my sunscreen (i promise, i DID put it one as soon as I got there)
my legs/ butt now resemble something of a lobster.
it hurts.
aloe please?

my friend said it was the lobster's getting back at me for sunday night's dinner.

after my nap, i went to swim practice, and now i am pretty much ready to go to sleep.

i have found {with the help of some of my blog/twitter friends} some awesome links to keep you happy!
check them out :)

these redesigned boarding passes are gorgeous (via @sonyaaudrey on twitter)
P.S I Made This- Such an awesome design blog (via Lauren)
Clarity is a rarity and we strive to achieve it!  As I’ve gushed, all things with see-thru hues are first-rate especially when we’re highlighting beautiful fixtures that have really become fixtures in our everyday lives. An eye-catching light fixture or chandelier creates a bold and elegant element in any space!  For this bulb-baring project, you simply need to empty water bottles, not your pockets! 
Slice a bunch of bottoms off bottles- I prefer to live greener with Dasani’s Plant Bottles, pierce holes using a pin, string and knot fishing line, hang evenly around a circular tube  (find tubing at your local hardware store).  Drop in a lamp kit- and you’re ready to light up your life!
P.S.- Click here to enter the Green hat give-away from now until Earth Day!!!

ms. james' over at bleubirdvintage is having a lovely giveaway for all you mama's out there!
and so is ms. naomi from rockstar diaries (whether you're a mama or not)!

don't forget to enter the map pendant giveaway!
tomorrow's the last day!

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