Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Night in The City

one of the advantages of living on the Jersey Shore is being super close to New York City.
It's about a 40 minute ferry ride or an hour drive, which really isn't bad at all.

last night was my little sister's birthday party.
my mom let her pick 6 friends to take out for dinner in the city.
she enlisted the help of her best friend and me to help her chaperone everyone.

let's just say i might have had the most fun out of everyone.

we first went over to Chelsea Market in Manhatten

it's known for it's unique organic ice cream shops, cupcake stores, french bakerys, flower markets, one of a kind bookstores, and a gorgeous Anthropologie.

{pardon the low quality photos.  i forgot my camera and only had my iphone... but i was seriously taking pics of everything}

People's Pops is fresh fruit shaved ice and ice pops.  I had the pear jasmine ice pop and it was simply incredible. 

I loved how unique Chelsea Market was 

(left) hot chocolate from the French Bakery- tasted almost exactly like the ones i had in Paris
(right) Eleni's cupcakes
after strolling around in Chelsea Market, we went next door to Buddakan for dinner

i'm not even kidding, it might have been the best meal ever

they waiter was nice enough to give all of the girls (and myself) these virgin drinks
i don't know what was in it but yum

i flipped over these edamame dumplings.
they were out of this world and i think I ate every single one that we ordered.
they were infused with wasabi.
my mouth is watering just typing this.

we ordered a few plates of this tomato salad.
all of the sauces here are divine. 

i also had (unpictured)
mushroom chow fun
baby glazed carrots 

both unique and spectacular 

for dessert

the birthday girls "crying chocolate" with coffee ice cream

my peanut butter bomb cake with peanut butter ice cream.

if you're ever in this part of the city, i strongly suggest you head over to Chelsea Market and Buddakan.

i'll post the winner of the giveaway later!


  1. I love Chelsea Market, my mom and I went there last fall on a trip to New York. Alton Brown(a chef from Atlanta) was doing a book signing there, it was really neat. I love that whole area of the city. Its so great that you live so close, that would be like a dream for me!

  2. I may have to make a trip just to go there, that all sounds amazing

  3. this is so awesome!
    those popsicles sound incredible!!


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