Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Recap

have you entered my giveaway yet?!
tomorrow's the last day!

i hope everyone had an awesome weekend!
mine was amazing.
i spend the entire weekend with my best friend doing girl stuff
even in the hurricane we had yesterday.

we made it out last night and saw 
she's out of my league.

so funny!  one of those stupid movies that just makes you laugh until you cry.

then we at at bobby's burger palace.
i had the grilled cheese with tomatoes, swiss, and american 
sweet potato fries.

this morning we went out for brunch
i had waffles... yum :)

then we went to the movies AGAIN
and saw remember me.


then we took a shopping trip to urban outfitters

all in all... a good weekend :)

what'd you do?

um... i suggest you go see remember me! :)

1 comment:

  1. I love movie suggestions, and both of those movies were on my list to see! Yay :).

    I had a lazy weekend reverting back to being a kid again! It was simply fabulous :).

    Have a great week!


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