Monday, March 15, 2010

Pretty Pretty

i found these pretty pretty pictures on flickr today
{okay, i found them via my new blog crush the drifter and the gypsy}

Dreams of smitten
Dreams of smittenDreams of smitten
Dreams of smitten

so many more gorgeous photos by wild goose chase

in other exciting news.... NPR is streaming my favorite band's new album right now
i CAN NOT WAIT for the new she and him album to come out
march 23rd... come now please :)
i guess ill be listening to them from NPR for now.
seriously, the album's incredible.  better then volume one.  and i didn't think it could happen.

today was raining and cold,
sun come out!  please please please.

one of my lovely blog friends is having her first giveaway this week!
head over to chelsea's blog to enter to win some AWESOME stuff!

tonight's the last night to enter the kitty roger's photography giveaway!
my first ever!
the giveaway will be open until midnight
i'll be drawing a name tomorrow :)

have a good night!


  1. I will have to share on your crush! These are just too pretty! Inspires me to do some fun art myself! Thanks for sharing!! -Katie

  2. npr is hands-down the best way to find live recordings of amazing music. i'm so glad it has not gone unappreciated by the youth of this country...oh wait, i kind of am part of the youth of this country.
    anyway, i do so love she&him and i am very happy to hear they are releasing a new album.


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