Monday, January 25, 2010

Makes Me Think

happy monday evening!
this morning i woke up to buckets and buckets of rain!  it was lovely... i really do love rainy mornings...
(although i love them more on saturdays when i can stay inside all day)

my day's been crazy crazy.
the only thing keeping me sane is 
google image search

i'm drinking the sparkling grapefruit, pictured on the far left.
so good!

i just wanted to take this blog post to address a bigger issue in life.
i stumbled across this brittany and grant's blog the other day through my blog friend chloe's blog, and upon reading the latest post had tears in my eyes.
two people i don't even know are doing what i have always dreamed of.
right now, they're in haiti helping with the aftermath of the earthquake.
they are two amazing and inspiring people who have put everything on hold to go help those who need help the most.

check out their blog and wish them luck and offer your thoughts to them and the people they will encounter.  i know haiti is in everyone's thoughts right now, and it makes me smile so hard when i think of everything everyone is doing to help.

{p.s, as we all could see, by etsy opening did not happen as planned.  i think it was a tad unrealistic to give myself a week to open it up.  i am working on stuff thought!  it will happen!}

oh!  and for some fun, head over to elsie's blog tonight.  she's having a 24 hour blog party until midnight tonight, with a ton of great DIY's and giveaways!
so fun!

night loves!


  1. That is great of them to help Haiti right now, I told my husband he should volunteer to go since he is military, but he can't leave since he takes college classes. I have done lots of donating though! Sorry you didn't get your etsy shop up yet, but I am excited to see it when you do!

  2. hey hun, so ive been having so many blonde moments lately haha and i know that you responded to me on twitter about the giveaway but did u ever send me an email with which peices you'd like? i want to make sure i forwarded your message but i cannot for the life of me find that email. would you resend it? ah sorry to bug you! thanks hun:)

  3. Hey I finally gave in and did this whats in my bag after reading your post and I let the mix you have play while I was doing it, I quite enjoyed it


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