Monday, May 20, 2013

the last few weeks

this post has been scheduled for this morning... which means if you are reading this i am about two hours from landing in my new home for the summer-london! 

before i share all about my new city, i figured i'd share some pictures from my last few weeks of my sophomore year in college!

these past few weeks were filled with some not so fun stuff- papers, final exams, group projects, and oral presentations.  not to mention applications, orders for london, and packing.  these things were time consuming and insanely stressful.  BUT in the midst of all of that were some of the best memories of my sophomore year.

^^ formal! two weeks ago we had formal at this gorgeous country club.  i borrowed this dress from my big (top picture) and had so much fun with everyone.
^^ i planned an event for my sorority's philanthropy, a soccer tournament called alpha phifa!  the day was gorgeous and we raised $2,000.
^^ macklemore and time flies tuesday came to my school for our spring concert.  it was such a fun day!
^^my baby sister had her prom!  isn't she gorgeous?

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