Monday, April 8, 2013

happy {belated} birthday caroline!

Photo: HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY to my baby sister.  Love you to the moon and back

on saturday my little sister turned 17!  i can't believe my baby sister is that old!  this morning she passed her driving test and got her license.  crazy stuff, i tell you.

luckily, i was able to go home friday night so I could go out to dinner with her and celebrate her birthday on saturday morning.  i think she was nice and surprised that i was able to come home.

my sister is seriously the bees knees.  she's kind and selfless.  she's the smartest cookie i know.  in fact, she just got in to this highly selective engineering summer program.  engineering!  i had no clue what engineering even was until i got to college.  not just engineering, biomedical engineering.  i know she's going to do amazing things one day.

obviously i'm super proud of my little sis.  
happy birthday caroline!  i love you to the moon and back. 

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