Tuesday, April 16, 2013


i had just gotten out of my 2:45 PM American politics class yesterday when i went on Facebook and saw the status.

say strong boston.

i had no idea what happened, and quickly turned on the news.  
i was shocked.

horrified, i guess, would be the word.
my best friend goes to boston college.  
on sunday she told me she couldn't wait to watch the marathon.  they had off from school and she was planning on watching her friend run the marathon.

i panicked.  i couldn't get a hold of her.

my friend is fine.  she called me an hour later when she could get service.  she was 2 miles from the site of the bomb when it went off.  thank god. 

every time something like this happens- aurora, sandy hook, now this- i get nauseous.  maybe it's because i can never fathom the idea of hurting someone else.  i just don't understand how evil some people can be.

but i have to remember, that these evil people make up just a small portion of our population.  while watching the news, i saw people running towards the blast to help victims.  i am hearing stories of people running through the finish line and straight to the hospital to give blood.  of doctors who ran straight to the medical tents.  of homeowners who brought food and water to the runners.

today i pray for the three innocent people that were killed,  for the 100+ people that were injured.  for the runners whose dreams of finishing the race didn't come true.  for the kids who were there and whose innocence was taken away.

but i also thank god for the kind people.  the people who risked there lives.  who had no idea if another bomb was going to go off, but stayed to help anyway.  

between the gunman in schools and movie theaters and now bombs at marathons, it's hard to feel safe.  xo

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