Friday, February 15, 2013

valentine's day recap

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how was everyone's valentine's day?  mine was filled with friends and love.  my mom and dad sent me those cupcakes {top} from magnolia's bakery.  it was such a sweet surprise!

not pictured, but equally as sweet, my big lauren sent me four chocolate caramel apples.  it was so incredibly sweet of her and i love her to death!

i pained my nails a pretty color (left) and went out for a big pasta dinner with my roommate and two best guy friends, who both recently broke up with their girlfriends.  it was a fun and relaxing night.

THEN, today, i got another box of magnolia's cupcakes in the mail (right).  obviously, i am not gabrielle, and it is not my birthday.  i called the company and got them to resend a box to the right address, but now i have six more cupcakes to add to my dozen.

if you need me this weekend, i'll be eating cupcakes {obviously} and you'll probably find me with icing all over my face.  if you want some cupcakes {since i have a ton} feel free to give me a call.

have a great weekend!! xo 

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  1. haha a box of cupcakes in Valentine's day sounds fun but unfortunately it was the wrong address. have a nice day x


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