Wednesday, January 16, 2013

that time i went deep sea fishing

my word from 2013 is "live" and i had my a huge opportunity to do that while in florida last week.  on saturday my team had the option to go deep sea fishing.  part of me wanted to go, and part of me didn't at all.  it was a four hour trip, i had been up since six for practice, and i was exhausted.  plus i'm not really the fishing "type" (the former vegetarian in me still doesn't enjoy actually seeing my food being killed).  

BUT, i remembered that this year i had vowed to live.  i knew if i didn't go fishing that night, that i may regret it the next day.  i had never fished before, and i had always wanted to learn.  i figured i wouldn't regret going, but i'd regret not going. 

{my view from laying down}

i learned two things that night:
i do not like fishing.
i get very sea sick. 

basically, the time i went fishing is known as the time I paid $42 to throw up off the side of the boat for four hours.

oh well.  

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