Wednesday, January 30, 2013

i'm bringing it back.

Photo on 1-29-13 at 10.45 AM
Photo on 1-29-13 at 10.45 AM #2
Photo on 1-29-13 at 10.45 AM #3

the first two days of classes is officially over, which means i have gotten to experience one of every four of my classes.
i'm really excited about three of my four classes this semester!  i'm taking:
ethics of mental illnesses, which i think will be incredibly interesting considering the recent shooting events
spanish film and media, which is a spanish course that counts towards my minor
american politics, which i wasn't excited about at all until i met my professor.  it's required for one of my majors (i'm a gov/law and psychology double major with a spanish minor) and the way he planned the class seems pretty interesting.

the only class i'm not looking forward to is design and analysis, which is two three hour classes.  it's about analyzing psychology data on the computer.  i'm not really too excited about it but it's a required class so i need to take it.  

also, like justin timberlake brought sexyback, i'm bringing photo booth back.  it's happening people.  i promise.

how is your week going! please do tell.  xo 


  1. It's the best feeling when you are enthusiastic about your course schedule. It definitely sounds like you have an interesting lineup! Hearing it makes me miss school :)

    1. it definitely is interesting! but you're right, it helps when it's a little fun :)

  2. Your blog is lovely. so glad I found it.


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