Friday, December 21, 2012

holiday gift guide round four

in case you're looking for a gift that does a little more then make the receiver happy, look no further.  i've found a ton of gifts that give back to some amazing causes.  plus, many still offer rush shipping to get it here by tuesday.  

Moisturizing Lipstick
lipstick to stop human trafficking 
a bag that helps support local artisans while providing food for children

tea that supports a education and small businesses (and hugh jackman was a founder)

Elephant Boxy Tee
if this isn't the coolest t-shirt ever, i don't know what is. help protect the elephants (and we know my obsession with elephants)
Elephant Boxy Tee // $48

make a donation to help hurricane sandy victims, either at save the children or the red cross.
{this is obviously a cause near to my heart since my town was nearly destroyed by the hurricane}

make a donation to the spca or your local animal shelter to help abandoned pets.
{another cause near to my heart since zoe, my newly adopted puppy, was an abandoned dog}

and last, but not least, this is something i really wish had never happened and that i wouldn't have to add.
make a donation to help those who lost a family member or were affected by the recent sandy hook shooting.
You can donate to either the Sandy Hook Fund, Newtown Youth and Family Services, or the Newtown Memorial Fund.

after all, isn't this whole season about giving back? xo


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