Thursday, December 20, 2012

concrete jungle.

today my best friend and i went into the city for some good food and shopping.  we try to go every so often since we're only a forty minute ferry ride away.  it's so easy to go in and out!! we went to our favorite spots on SoHo and ventured into Tribeca for the first time.  I'm in love with all of the quaint boutiques and cafes there.
isn't my best friend gorgeous? 
trying on a coat in the new Piperlime store.  I didn't end up going it.... but i may end up purchasing it online :) 
after watching one too many episodes of gossip girl the past few days {still two episodes until i make it to the finale... shhhh don't tell!} i knew i wanted to go to Sarahbeth's.  
IMG_4318 IMG_4322
i got the garden omelet and it was amazing.  definitely not one of those over-hyped places that disappoint.  there's a reason this place is famous! 
i've never been to georgetown cupcakes, but it tried it today.  another amazing place! 
we spent the afternoon relaxing from shopping over coffees.  

it was an amazing day with my friend and i'm so happy i got to spend the time with her.  tomorrow i'm off to florida for my annual christmas vacation and i can't wait!  

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  1. Aw, this looks like a fun trip into the city! Hoep you have a great Christmas vacation in Florida.


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