Friday, December 28, 2012

fancy grilled cheese.

grilled cheeses are one of my favorite foods, probably because the involve my two loves- cheese and bread.  in fact, when i was a vegetarian for three years, cheese was the one thing that kept me from going vegan.  meat, eggs, fish.... all these things i could live without, but the taste of soft, melted cheese was something i knew i could not.

when i went to the brooklyn flea market over the summer, i had a grilled cheese from the milk truck, a traveling grilled cheese truck that sells gourmet grilled cheeses.  it was there that i had it- the best grilled cheese of my life. 
it had caramelized onions and spicy pickles and it was unlike anything i have ever had.
and yesterday, out of no where, i had a craving for this very sandwich.
of course, being in florida right now, there was no way i could get to this truck, so long story short, i decided to try making my own.

what you'll need:
good quality bread (i used a parmesan cheese bread from a local bread shop)
good quality cheese (i used cheddar from a local cheese shop)
pickles (i used some from a local pickle shop.... just kidding)
caramelized onions 

the verdict?
good.  like, better then an ordinary grilled cheese good.  but not milk truck good.
i guess i'll have to do a little tweaking... 



  1. looks delish!
    i should try this

  2. I want this right now! I love grilled cheese and haven't thought to put pickles (which I love) in it.

  3. I have been a grilled cheese lover all my life! When I was little and my family went out to eat- I got grilled cheese, every time. haha! I love it to this day! I don't like pickles, but maybe I'd try it??


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