Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Year in Review {2012}

Every year, I like to do a year in review.  It let's me see everything that I have accomplished over the past year.  I think this year was the craziest year yet.  Let's take a look, shall we?

I started off the new year with the stomach flu
I celebrated the new year with a broken foot and my mama

My Giants won the SUPERBOWL!
I somehow got the norovirus... definitely a scary experience 
After three long months, I got my cast off!

I surprised my dad at home for his 50th birthday
I went to Florida with my two best friends for Spring Break

My little sister turned 16
I made a major life decision and decided to stop begin a vegetarian 
I vowed to get back in shape 

I geared up for the last month of my freshman year of college
I experienced one of the most emotionally challenging months of my life.  I lost an amazing friend to alcohol poisoning and my life was forever changed.  Heaven gained an angel that day.
I celebrated mother's day
I saw Enrique Inglesias in concert with my best friend
I started a new job and met some new people

I went back to my job at the beach in addition to my new office job
I celebrated father's day
I experimented in cooking ALOT in June

I went to the Brooklyn Flea Market for the first time
I turned 19!
the colorado movie shooting happened and it made me reflect on the death of Ev

One of my friends from home made the Olympic Trials... and then the Olympics... and then the FINALS of the Olympics.  I was so proud of him
I traveled to Spain, France, Italy, and Monte Carlo 

 I started my sophomore year of college
Things didn't quite work out as planned
My baby girl passed away at 15 years old
I made the life-changing decision to study-abroad in London for 2 months next summer
I celebrated Big/Little week and met my AMAZING big, Lauren
I was involved in a car accident that could have killed me and my two friends 

My town was torn apart by Hurricane Sandy
I voted in my first ever election
My family brought home- and then had to give back- Bacon
We adopted Zoe, the world's sweetest puppy
I went to my Invite 
My sorority had formal
The Sandy Hook shooting occurred... and made my heart break
I went to New York
I traveled to Florida for the holidays 


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